More veges than you can shake a stick at!

Well we certainly can’t complain about our Christmas yield! Things are really starting to take off now, which is a huge relief because we’ve really been struggling to get anywhere with planting for years now. This has been especially devastating for Beth as she’s really put everything she had into the planting side of things, and has been on the verge of giving up many times. She’s really happy with the results now and we’re both super motivated to carry on 🙂

Here we have a lot of corgettes, potatos, beetroot, garlic, broccoli, parsnip and onions. Since I’ve been away for a whole month I’ve been able to notice how much bigger things have got too; the blueberry and feijoas are at least another half as big, and the Chuchu and pumpkins are probably ten times the size! All the fruit trees look a lot bigger too, and we have a whole lot of kiwifruit on the way for the first time!

Merry Christmas everyone! The next post will probably be the first for our seventh year on the land 🙂

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