Devonport – page – Elephant seal on beach.mp4 (won’t load in GT3 gallery?)

2014 Holiday in Brazil – map image links (google maps) – dont how how to get the image for the map on the internet

daily schedule – page – timetable (not sure how to make timetable)

lada niva – page – Russian repair manual– has the original hi-res colour pics (can’t this link)

Meditation page – no link for you tube video

our second house – cant get moving images (on the top right of the page to download)

Map – top of the page the 3rd map in a row cant be found on this link and hasnt been uploaded on to wordpress,-48.466573&spn=0.025057,0.049481 page – Acidente com lagartas Lonomia Obliqua – about the “hairy scaries” – I cant find this link in the archive

mp3 ‘beth chopping wood can’t load in ‘land page’ GT3 gallery

mp3 Hydraram can’t load in ‘land page’ GT3 gallery