check for library image double ups

delete crypto posts/pages

map image links (google maps) – 2014 Holiday in Brazil

daily schedule – page – timetable

first flat in brazil – page – cant find archive – – link Huawei E17x‘s

image pages, there must be a better way……2016 Holiday in New Zealand (all images downloaded), Boa Vista, Brazil, Canela (some images downloaded), Caxias, Curitiba, Devonport, Dito e Feito, Florianópolis, Fluffinha, Foz do Iguaçu, Gambiarra, Land, Brazil, Otavio Rocha,

check page links/resources etc at the bottom of the pages

lada niva – page – sort this link out – Russian repair manual– has the original hi-res colour pics

pages have no hash tags for ‘crap image’

Meditation page – no link for you tube video

Our garden page – 1st image of bed E (2016/09/17) is a small image and needs to be bigger