Solar seems like a really good option at first glance, but the problem is that it only works at day time, so an energy storage mechanism is required. Usually batteries are used for storage, but these are very expensive, environmentally unfriendly, and need to be replaced every few years. Some are designed to last for ten or even twenty years, but you’ll be paying many thousands of dollars for these and it generally reduces the whole independence aspect of the solar solution.


It’s good to have a wind source available, but again it suffers from the energy storage problem.


Biofuel library


Here’s a novel solution which seems to have real promise. Panels which produce energy from temperature difference such as these allow the possibility of generating energy 24/7 from multiple sources. This solution can also bypass the storage problem because it makes method of storing heat into a continued supply of power. For example the sun could be used for water heating which also can supply the electricity during the night. Other sources such as the heat generated from cooking, fires or compost can all be utilised together. These panels work not only on heat, but rather on temperature difference, so sources of cold can also be used to generate power – or better still both hot and cold such as the sun heating one side and cold water from a running river cooling the other side.

“Free” energy technologies

PESwiki Top 5 Free Energy Technologies



Searl Effect Generator


Magnet Motors

Water Powered Engine

Using Sunlight to Make Renewable Hydrogen

Stan Meyer

There have been many reports of people making water-powered engines over the years, but their systems never seem to make it to market. The most famous is Stan Mayer who died under suspicious circumstances. A lot of time and energy is spent discrediting him and the validity of his inventions such as this and even the Wikipedia page.

But there are many more patents and diagrams than what are shown in the debunking sites. These debunking sites always use the violation of the second law of thermodynamics as their reasoning for the invention being fake, but in the days when people didn’t realise that light could be converted into electricity, a solar panel would be accused of violating physics – and even atoms do since their electrons don’t collapse into the nucleus.

One thing I find really interesting about the engine design is the use of the “magnetic gas” concept which is something that mainstream science has found a mystery for a long time, in fact the first truly magnetic gas was only discovered in 2009. But electrically charged gas, or gaseous ions are also magnetic and have been reported to cause some strange effects such as invisible electrostatic walls.

Stan’s engine uses the charged gas resulting from the electrolyses as a fluid core in his transformer system that feeds electrical energy back in to the electrolyses chamber. This “fluid transformer core” is a very interesting principle involving a gas or liquid moving the charge flux around inside the coils instead of the usual static charge medium – usually made of iron.

Veljko Milkovic

Two-Stage Mechanical Oscillator/Amplifier the video demos are absolutely fascinating!


  • The Orion Project Co-founded by Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project
  • Steorn
  • BlackLight Power, Inc.
  • Panacea R&D Panacea BOCAF Sustainable, Open Source Energy “Panacea exists also to recruit and consolidate the non-profit organizations that have been established worldwide, and the open-sourced engineers and inventors who are experienced in alternative and suppressed energy technologies”

Note: IMHO, Panacea could benefit greatly by OD; it is ugly, and poorly organized into a few LOOONG pages.–Infomaniac 11:11, 3 December 2010 (PST) How? Care to elaborate? Could be worth a proposal?–Milan 13:19, 12 October 2010 (NZDT)

“This over-unity magnet motor company is opposite the typical free energy image. They are low on fluff, have never been in the mainstream press; and they are high on evidence, including test results from TÜV and UL. One of their strategic advisors (not suppressors) served as former director of the CIA and of the FBI.”


Inteligentry and Manufacturers Gearing Up for Noble Gas Engine Roll-out

Fake energy crisis

Briefing Papers Prepared For: The U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee


  • Device similar to Faraday disk / Homopolar generator (Bruce DePalma)
  • Podkletnov
  • Inverse gravity (levitation)
  • Magnetic field and gravitational field are respectively 2D and 3D scalar effects (cf. RST)


PWG China

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