Water independence is becoming more and more important as the urban water supplies are becoming increasingly toxic both from poor infrastructure and from the financial elite poisoning the population by adding dangerous chemicals such as sodium fluoride and then, when the people start realising it’s bad for them, rather than stop doing it the pass legislation which exempts them and water companies from any liability from the victims!


Suppliers of non-fluoridised drinking water


Even the Wikipedia article on the Water fluoridation controversy is extremely biased containing statements such as “Fluoridation opponents have challenged the efficacy of fluoridation, although their arguments have been accused of bias” which is itself biased because, while a true statement, the reality is that these accusations come from people who don’t like fluoridation being challenged, and they have no logical argument with the challenges to Fluoridation’s efficacy. But the article does serve as a repository for some of the statements that have been made against it and how serious they are about it.

Water powered pumps

The most common kind of water-powered pump is the RAM pump which operates as shown in the animation to the right. This is an excellent solution, but has the requirement of a water supply which is higher than the pump. On our land we have a slow moving stream with very little difference in height across the property, so a design that’s powered by the current rather than the vertical differential would be preferable.


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