Vege patch 4.0

Beth’s started working on version 4 which is based on some basic permaculture design principles for optimising the nutrients and water available to the plants by having carbon and compost layers below the raised garden beds.

The land is much softer and easier to work in rainy weather, but it’s not much fun 🙁 here’s a photo of Beth not having much fun digging a small swale in the garden. She dug up some baby worms which she tried not to disturb too much, but it certainly shows that our soil is nice and fertile, there must be a hundred of them in that small area at least!

Here’s a few photos of the vege patch over the first six months. In July 2013 the area was just grass and Beth started laying the sheet mulch rows, then in september I put a fence around the area to protect it from cows which is shown in the first picture below. The last pictures below are from January 2014 where some things have finally started to take off.

Vege patch 3.0

The things we planted on our land have finally started to grow!

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