Rest in peace Fluffinha

Our beautiful dog Fluffinha passed away on December the 7th 2017 🙁

Fluffinha (pronounced flu-feen-yar) was only seven months old and came down with a sudden illness. Maybe she ate a poisoned rat at the neighbours or a dangerous mushroom, we’ll never know. She was so healthy and active one minute, and then suddenly felt very sick and vomited. We thought she must have eaten something too rotten and would recover after she got it all out, but the next morning she looked really bad, and she went off into the swamp to die! A thunderstorm came in and we tried to find her searching through the thick bush in the swamp in the pouring rain. We thought that if we could find her in time we could take her to the vet, but it was impossible to find a hidden little dog in such a big swamp full of dense bush.

We all prayed for her and sent positive energy for her to recover and come back to us, or go in peace if it was already too late. Amazingly she showed up at Beth’s meditation cottage the next morning! She was in very bad shape, we took her into the house to dry her up and she vomited and had a seizure. We rushed her to the city to take her to the vet, but she died on the way.

We drove back slowly and buried her in one of her favourite spots in the shade by the vege patch. We buried her in her blanket with her favourite toy – one of our old work gloves which she used to carry around to different places and chew.

Her life here was so short, but it was such a beautiful place for a dog to live and she had a really happy life here, it was like a paradise for her. She was such a light in our lives too and she’ll always be in our hearts.

Here’s some recent pictures of Fluffinha that were taken when the three of us went to our local waterfall a couple of weeks ago.

And here’s some pictures of her when she first arrived with her mother Menina back in May. Menina’s the neighbour’s dog who used to come and visit our place. She had a couple of puppies one day and would come and visit with both of them, Fluffinha and Pepino. Fluffinha had chosen to stay here with us almost as soon as she arrived. When Menina left or went for a walk in the forest, Pepino would follow her, but Fluffinha would stay here in the island. Even when we went to visit the city Fluffinha would always stay in the island waiting for us to come back, and come running to greet us when we arrived!

You can see some other pictures of her throughout her short time here with us here.

Rest in peace Fluffinha, you’ll always be with us in our hearts and we’re so glad to have had the chance to spend this short time together in this amazing paradise 🙂

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