Beth’s forest retreat underway

Beth’s doing a short retreat in the forest where she’ll be fasting and meditating for three days and nights. I made a small platform for her to put her tent on in case there’s any flooding, but the weather looks like it’s going to be quite clear. She’s finished her first night this morning – I don’t know how it went for her (since we won’t be seeing each other until it’s finished), but I felt quite anxious with her being alone in the forest all night 🙁

Each morning and night I go a few metres into the forest where there’s a tree that Beth’s tied some material onto, I untie it and put it on the ground so she knows I’m checking on her, and when she sees it on the ground she ties it back up again so I know she’s ok. This morning the material was tied up, but had a note in it saying she wanted me to leave a blanket there 🙂

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