Day one

We finally got the flat cleared out and cleaned up and got all our stuff into the trailer – which weighs around 1000Kg! (luckily we had some major help from our friend Jennifer and her partner André – thanks guys!) we had numerous problems with contract transfer delays, had to replace the tow-bar because our load was too heavy, and then when we went to pick up the car and trailer from the place that was fixing it, our battery was dead and needed replacing too!

It took over 4 hours to get 110Km because we couldn’t get out of Curitiba due to road blocks for a soccer game, and then we were stuck in heavy traffic. Then the engine started over-heating and making bad noises, but we realised that using the low-range gears made things much easier on the engine since we were stopping and starting with a ton of load on very hilly roads.

Now we’re at a hotel for the night and the car was sounding much better, so we’ll hopefully make 300Km tomorrow.

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