Week thirty nine

Most of this week was spent back in Canela as we needed to stock up on supplies and arrange with Tonho to come back with us in his truck to deliver some of the heavy things like more wood (for building a garage and greenhouse), our new big ladder that can reach seven meters high, some two metre pieces of metal for the roof capping (so we can finally replace the gambiarra tape!) and our couch/bed so that guests can come and stay – and also so we could take turns resting while we were unloading all the supplies 🙂

We came back to the land in the Niva after getting the tyre fixed – Beth also decided to get one of the other tyres checked too as it’s been loosing pressure a lot quicker than the others, and it turned out it had a huge six inch nail stuck in it! We then used the Niva to transport the heavy things through the new swamp path to our house.

Here’s some pictures starting with the early morning when the truck had just finished being loaded and we were ready to leave, and ending with the last photo of the couch in it’s new position in the house with Beth relaxing on it in front of the fire 🙂

Beth’s started having a go at preserving vegetables so we can then use our vegetables all year round when they’re out of season and also so we can buy larger quantities of the vegetables we don’t grow ourselves so we don’t need to go into Canela for supplies so often. Here’s her first experimental batch of two small bottles done in olive oil and three with vinegar, water and salt from this Jamie Oliver recipe that Mum found. Jamie Oliver recommended leaving them for two weeks, but Beth thought that was a bit too long to wait and tested some out after one day! they’re already pretty good though 🙂

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