New garden bed approach

We’ve had some good tips for how to do good mulch and garden beds, first we were told that the mulch should be mainly dry wood chips and should cover the entire range of sizes so that there’s nothing missing in the range of lifeforms which feed on different sizes of material. Our first attempt at mulching didn’t work very well because we didn’t leave the material to dry long enough before putting it through the mulcher so the result was too full of moisture and all matted together. Our latest version looks like this:

We also visited some friends in Caxias who have some very productive land and sell their produce to an organic fruit and vege shop there. They have a very similar way of thinking to us (or at least to how we’d like to be!) such as not killing insects and not weeding – just working with nature rather than always fighting against it. They showed us how they do some of their garden beds, and we’ve tried to follow their example. First we clear an area and then partially bury some small rotting logs, then we cover that in mulch, and put a layer of dried leaves over the top of that. We then put logs around the whole bed to define the boundary and keep the nutrients in. We also put cardboard under the logs so that grass doesn’t grow near them so that it’s easy to do weed-eating around the bed. We cover the cardboard with dry grass to hide it 🙂

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