Giant kumara!

We thought the Kumara looked pretty big and healthy as you can see from the photos of the leaves a few posts back, but we couldn’t see any actual kumaras. Our neighbour Ziza told us that after the leaves turn black when it starts getting cold that’s the time to harvest the kumaras, and we should see their tops poking out of the ground. But when the leaves turned black we couldn’t see any! We dug around a little, but to no avail.

Then later Beth was clearing up one of the garden beds ready to plant some more things, when she suddenly came across a giant kumara! We searched around for more but could only find a few tiny ones. It looks like all the healthy leaves and vines spread everywhere were all supporting this one giant vegetable! Even though there was only one, the fact that it’s so big and healthy is another really good indication that the soil’s getting much better.

Beth dug it up and I grated it and then we fried it with an onion and ate it. It was really nice and was more than enough for two – in fact we didn’t need anything else for dinner that night 🙂

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