New loft ladder



Yep that’s right, our nice looking loft ladder wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, and a step broke on it almost leading to an accident 🙁

Beth’s been really scared going up and down it, especially when tired in the middle of the night and the mornings, and after a few weeks of procrastinating, the rolling pin finally came out! So I quickly got some aluminium tube (thanks Eduardo!), adjusted the size of the holes in the wood to fit it and replaced all the dowel.

Another problem that had begun and could have lead to trouble was that some of the screws holding the steps tight were getting loose and allowing them to spin when stepping on them. So I’ve accounted for that problem with the new aluminium steps as well:

To hold the hole thing together, there’s a long threaded-rod through every third tube bolted on each side.

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