The abandoned house

Today we went for a walk to an abandoned house to the south which we can see from the big hill. There’s a fork in the crystal road which goes to it so we decided to take that route on the way there and then find our way back through the bush and over the fields to get back. When we got there we were amazed to see that many years ago a lot of care had been taken to make a really nice garden with huge palm trees, a giant cactus and beautiful stone walls, but it’s all been abandoned and left to the cows now. The whole place had a strange mysterious feeling about it. The house is falling to pieces and has giant ant nests on it. There was even a big Fly Garrett mushroom in the middle of a clearing under the trees, the first one we’ve seen in real life 🙂 To get back home we followed a trail out of the property then entered the pine forest to find the river and follow it back to our land.

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