Week forty three

It’s been a very busy week as we needed to get all the window frames finished to measure them so we can order the glass. We’ve been at the land for over five weeks now and need to go back to the city this weekend to get more supplies. We’re going to go to Porto Alegre as well and get more solar cells, a spare charge controller and inverter and various other supplies as well.

Unfortunately it’s getting close to the end of the week and Candido still hasn’t got the south fence made and we can’t leave without having our vegetables protected from the cows, so I’ve had to whip up a small fence around them so we can leave in peace! I used the wire from Vege Patch 2.0 and about 60 or 70 metres of the barbed wire we got for the south fence. I also put the cable to the solar panels into some PVC pipe and positioned them inside the fence so we can leave them out while we’re gone to try and get some decent charge into the battery.

It’s Saturday now and we’re in Porto Alegre staying at Beth’s freind’s place. We drove back to Canela in the Niva late Friday afternoon and stayed the night at the Canela flat (which we’ve given notice on and will only have until mid October) and caught the bus here this morning. I could have posted this on the bus because the Porto Alegre buses all have Wifi 😉 but I don’t have a battery any more thanks to Dell’s new built-in-obsolescence designs! I couldn’t use my 3G USB modem either as it blew up, but I can still connect by tethering to my phone over Bluetooth. I’ll pick up a new 3G USB modem while I’m here in the city this week.

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