Week fourteen

This weekend we were really starting to feel quite tired and grumpy so got less done than we were hoping. We got most of the insulation into the floor and the floor boards down. We’d started last week by trying to fit nice large pieces of poly in over plastic netting, but soon found that this was far too time-consuming and left quite a few gaps so we changed to just putting a bottom layer of larger pieces filled up on top with small broken bits. About a third of the floor was done like this and then we found that it was actually simpler and more effective to just staple cardboard into the compartments and fill with only small pieces – no need for any large pieces or even for netting. After the poly was all in place we hammered down the floor boards and shifted the ‘coski inside ready for our first cooked meal in the house!

You’re probably getting a bit sick of caterpillars and butterflies by now, but sorry that’s all the nature pics I have – I’ll try and find something more interesting like an armadillo or another snake next week 🙂 although these white butterflies are actually a little more interesting than can be seen from this photo because they’re about twice the size of a monarch – they’re so big that their wings flap very slowly.

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