Week eleven

This week we left for the land on Sunday and spent a whole week there until the following Sunday since there was no work needing to be done with New Years day being on the Tuesday. It was really hard work, but we made excellent progress getting all the roofing structure in place and all the wall planks on! it’s really starting to take form and look more like a house now 🙂 we had the generator working this time as we’d picked up the necessary fuel and adapters when we were in Canela. The circular saws all used too much power to work with our generator (you really need the generator to be rated at about three times the power of the tool since it draws a large spike initially), so we had to make do with our little jigsaw, but it sure beats the handsaw! See Our house for more details and photos of the house construction.

There were a couple of storms and a lot of rain for short periods, but most days were intense sun with virtually no cloud so it was extremely hot work. Luckily we have our own little private beach there which we would go to a few times each day to cool down and refresh ourselves 🙂

I spotted another type of butterfly fluttering around and also got a shot (not focussed very well unfortunately) of one of the vultures that are always flying around high overhead. One morning we were woken up early by snorting sounds and ran out expecting to have to shout at some misbehaving cows, but it was Candido visiting on his horse! he said that he’d had to leave his car five or six kilometres away and take a horse the rest of the way because the road was too muddy for his car. We’d really like to get a horse at some stage so we can become less dependent on the car for accessing the land, so Beth had a bit of a ride around the garden to get a feel for it.

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