Back to the land from NZ

We finally arrived back at the land after our three month holiday in New Zealand! We stayed at Mum and Dad’s place in Devonport and just spent time there to catch up with friends, family and spinach pies! We left a few days ago and after three planes, a bus and a hire car we’ve finally made it back!

We’re always very nervous coming back to the land after a long while away as we never know what will be in store for us out here in the wilderness! Things weren’t perfect when we arrived back, but not as bad as arriving back to a house burned down by lightning or sent off down the river by a flash flood!

The first thing we noticed when we got to the gate was that all the grass was still nice and short – that can only mean cows! There’s no sign of any now, but there were cow pats all over the place, and when we got to the house everything was knocked over and the vege patch destroyed! They had snapped one of the corner fence posts and eaten everything except the lemon tree 🙁

It probably looks worse than it actually is though since this is the first time we’ve arrived back in winter after a long time away, so all the bracken is dead and many other plants are without any leaves.

But anyway it’s really nice to be back home again 🙂

Oh and one more thing before I sign off….

Happy birthday Itamar from Beth and Aran!!!

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