Eduardo visits with a few friends!

It can get a bit isolated at the land, especially after a couple of weeks of rain like we’ve just had! But then I heard the familiar sound of bike brakes in the field, so I figured Eduardo had come to visit 🙂 After peering through the trees I could just make out that he must have brought a friend or two, well after a few minutes he emerged from the forest with not one friend, not two friends, but eighteen!!!

He wanted to show them all our tiny house in the forest and the Vaca Velha trail which is really good for mountain biking on. So after a quick lunch in the garden (luckily they all brought their own food with them!) we all set off together down the 8km Vaca Velha trail 🙂

At the end of Vaca Velha we turned north and cycled together for another 5km and then they all turned off onto some trails to the west to start heading back towards Caxias, and Beth and I carried to north to go another 15km home via Lava Pes.

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