Back to the land after our visit to Caxias

We got back to the land yesterday after spending about ten days at Eduardo and Tiago’s place in Caxias. We had an awesome time there as Eduardo introduced us to some really nice people and showed us some beautiful places that we all cycled to. Beth also found some really excellent organic markets and shops that are actually better priced than most supermarket’s chemo food! And she also found a good meditation group, a yoga class she liked and some nice Buddhist contacts, so we’ll definitely be trying to come to Caxias a lot more regularly – and hopefully we can do it by bike! Here’s a few photos of our time in Caxias…

Tiago’s parents (Max and Lucy) were really keen to see our land too as they also have a nice spot of rural land that they grow their own food on as well, so we went with Eduardo in his car with the new bike on the roof, and Max and Lucy followed in their car. When we got to Lageado Grande we dropped in to our old neighbours, Ivor and Erenita, to pick up our bikes, so for the last 20km we had all three bikes on the roof.

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