Back to the land after our holiday!

We finally got back to the land yesterday! we caught a plane from Brasília to Porto Alegre which took less than two hours (it would have been 36 hours on the bus!), and then got the next bus from there to Canela which was only about twenty minutes after we arrived (buses to Canela leave every hour from the airport). The plan was to stay the night in Canela at Donna Eloi’s who owns the main front house at the place we used to rent in Canela, and then meet with our neighbours who were going to be in Canela the next day and could drive us back to the land.

Unfortunately that didn’t quite work out because the neighbours ended up not going to Canela, so we had to stay another night and arrange something else. It turned out that our old flat is empty so we actually stayed in there for a couple of nights 🙂 As a back up plan we called our truck guy Tonho to arrange going back with him and ordering a whole bunch of wood and roofing panels etc to take with us, but again the plan fell through! This time because it rained the whole night which would mean the roads were too muddy for the truck! So we decided to just leave the heavy stuff we didn’t need at Donna Eloi’s and get the bus to Vaca Velha and walk back.

It was a bit nerve racking because in winter the days are short and we needed to make good time to get there before dark. We made it just as light was fading and needed to use our cell phones to light the way through the forest at the end! Everything was ok with the house and we got a good night’s sleep 🙂

The next day we were quite surprised to see how much the vege patch had taken off! And also to see that all five bananas that Beth’s parents had brought a couple of months ago had taken off – we thought only one had survived! Here’s some photo’s showing the vege patch in January compared to now, and one of the bananas.

The really big bushes which weren’t even visible before the holiday are Chia which we’re growing to harvest the seeds from as they’re very healthy and good for digestion. They’re currently the centre of attention in the vege patch which hundreds of bees, ladybugs, butterflies and other insects all over them. In particular the red butterflies really like them and there must be at least twenty on each bush. Here’s a couple of photos showing some of them.

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